Game: Imagine there's a character named Tantrum.

General Question Wendy Carl Joe
What color of the rainbow is Tantrum? Green!!! Red
What mode of transportation does Tantrum use? Never goes anywhere Motorcycle Motorcycle
What animal does Tantrum have as a pet? Whatever bug crawls into his space Green snake Boa Constrictor
What does Tantrum do for fun? Manipulates Party all night Find ways to express itself. It gives rise to heedlessness in people that they need to wreck relationships.
Is Tantrum a morning dove or night owl? Night Owl Morning dove Night owl
What can Tantrum usually be seen doing? something indecent In children it causes them to flail around and scream. In adults it causes them to snap unexpectedly at people that may or not be direct triggers. It is a very self righteous state of affairs.
What are some of Tantrum's triggers? Things got going their way Other people getting what Tantrum suddenly thinks it wants. Lack of sleep, becoming emotionally drained, hunger, stress
What is Tantrum's greatest weakness? Self-will Vanity Love
What is the one thing that can calm Tantrum down? Attention Praise Hugs, belly breathing
Work Does Tantrum work No Yes Yes
What job/career does Tantrum have? paramedic Lawyer, Tantrum in disguise
Is Tantrum liked? No For some their whole life is a tantrum and they love tantrums. For most it is a passing aberrant to apologize for.
What does Tantrum like about its coworkers? their attractiveness Weakness, courtesy, their team spirit
What does Tantrum dislike about its coworkers? their intelligence Being less powerful than a co-worker, dealing with someone that will set boundaries, and who someone who can remain unruffled while saying 'No'
Where does Tantrum shop for food? Orders it online gourmet grocery Bad Bodega
What is Tantrum's favorite meal? Self-pity mcdonald's Potato chips
What is Tantrum allergic to? Other Tantrums shellfish Veggies
What is Tantrum's favorite dessert? Devil's Food Cake strawberry shortcake Boston cream Dunkin Donuts