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Crew Composer: Val Content-provider: Josh Inter and Re-Actor: Monkey
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Let's make programming feel intuitive.


Introduction to the main concept of this page

Compositional elmenents painting
parent child
in writing an essay
In the traditional arts:
a video frame is composed

Working interface:

Exposition (like examples, exercises, instructions) which can include screenshot illustrations, comp-Lish
possible screenshot
Protagonist yells: "Aaaaaagggghhhhhhhhhh...."
<p>representation Text Editor. This is also the location to find programs outlined as pseudocode written as comments.</p>
command-line interface (like console or git)
Search your project database

representation of database/tables/objects
data-visualization of the data-object contextualized in the narrative
Show Me: the data that's been identified as:
Current Notes:

Functionality library

Hopefully, this will be large enough soon that a small database should be created to manage the written features.